Executive Board
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Co-Founder Rico Bueno
Co-Founder Ron Traylor (He's a LOT nicer than depicted here!)
Officer / Staff
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Ed Pellettieri
Lloyd Lineen
Marlene Sosabee
Diane Nelson
Daniel Bloom
Sargent of Arms
Honorary Members
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Robert Conrad
Billy DaMota
Seymour Cassel
Cullen Chambers
Scott Wilson
Wild Bunch S.A.G. (Screen Actors Guild) Members
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Dan Kelpine
John Stapp
Catfish Bates
David Beggs
Mel Bain
Steve McCammon
Leon Franco
Jeanne Basone
Gary Edwards
BG Swanson
Chuck Loring
Ray Hedley
Pam Blackwell
Howard Singer
Dave Slattery
Bill Luduena
Gus Hernandez
Janna Blackwell
Jeff Davis
Joe Fury
Robin Ritter
John Bellah
Daniel Bloom
Will Garret
Keith Biondi
Michael Lofgren
Tito Casillas
Randi Ruimy
Michaela Krex
Buddy Daniels
David Reiner
Alan Gray
Aixa Maldonado
Gisela Colaiuta
Cheryl Rusa
Rita Rangel
Rick Waters
Corey Richardson
Craig Seitz
Sandy Hale
Dave Marler
Ron Traylor
Rico Bueno
Diane Nelson
Marlene Sosebee
Lloyd Lineen
Ed Pellettieri
Mobin Khan
Robert "Pyute" Hessen

David George Fischer
JacQue Lawson
Wild Bunch NON - S.A.G. Members
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Cisco Rapue
Roxy Barough
Loch Crane
Rick Monahan
Alicia Parada
Danny Halperin
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Rene Huberstock
Sandey Lock
Pending membership:  Ann Mary, Francis Fischer, Ed Asner, Ken McCord, Alan Ruck, Adam Sandler and Esi Morales.